Aesthetic facial and body apparatology in beauty. Is it the best option?

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Aesthetic facial and body apparatology in beauty. Is it the best option?

The services offered in beauty salons vary according to equipment, staff training, location and reception capacity. They can offer simple treatments or more sophisticated treatments with high-tech equipment. The initial cost of these professional devices is quite high, they are used for a limited time and sometimes only a few times, which is not very economical.

Bioluminis was developed for this purpose because its technology does not expire, but is based on the wavelengths of natural light and the properties of the skin to capture the energy of the applied filter.

The professional beautician using Bioluminis can see at a glance what kind of treatment her client needs and use the filter that corresponds to the imperfections detected, such as wrinkles, sagging, scars, etc., allowing her to target her clients with possible face and body treatments, with a collection of Bioluminis filters.

Why do Bioluminis filters offer the professional a valuable tool for beauty treatments?

Using the same filter to treat different imperfections, as its wavelength stimulates different systems and tissues, means that in the same treatment we can promote the client’s overall well-being.


  • Filter Bioluminis 1B. Acts on the lymphatic system, the blood circulation and the nervous system. It stimulates elastin and collagen and is used, among other things, for facial cleansing, treatment of wrinkles, stretch marks, tightening and strengthening of the superficial muscles.
  • Bioluminis 5B filter. It acts on the nervous and lymphatic systems, promotes skin hydration and counteracts stress.

Get multiple results with a single device in a single treatment and session

The versatility of the Bioluminis filters makes them an invaluable tool for providing unique and complementary treatments at a low cost and at no extra cost. They take up no space and can be used in the beauty salon or elsewhere.

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