Years of experience


Country with professionals


Effectiveness in patients


BIOLUMINIS®, emerged in 1995.

From the perseverance and arduous work of Jacques Mula, researcher of the interactions of light frequencies with cells and tissues, president of Bioluminis International Corporation S.L, creator of the Bioluminis Method (Biophotontherapie) and of the “Bioluminis Filters” devices.

Since then, many have adopted Bioluminis in their various collections, but they are all united by the same purpose: to seek alternative solutions that respect the natural equilibrium of life.

Development and actuality

The company controls the development of Bioluminis Filters, their methodology, research, manufacture, marketing and after-sales follow-up.

We continue to investigate biological interactions and natural energy fields and how they help us prevent and maintain health, beauty and energy. Every year the contents are reviewed and updated and new treatment schemes are born.

However, our product maintains the same initial characteristics, since its effectiveness, demonstrated in clinical studies, confirms that it does not need modifications or alteration of its composition.

International cooperation

From the beginning Bioluminis has had the support of professionals in different parts of the world.

We are present in several countries through professionals who apply the system in consultations, spas, beauty centers, itinerant therapies etc., as well as countless people who use the Comfort range on a daily basis. We are pleased to hear testimonials from hundreds of doctors, therapists, beauticians and their achievements in consultation.

The disinterested collaboration brings new treatments, for their positive results, which adds year after year, a therapeutic value to the Bioluminis system.

We also have the service of specialists, distributors, delegates, who given their high level are able to give technical assistance in different countries, which allows us to maintain constant and direct dialogue with our customers for any suggestion or doubt that may arise.

What makes us different

Bioluminis a safe value in natural therapies.

A unique system with a unique product, Bioluminis takes 25 years in natural therapies, being a safe and effective method, with effects that improve overall all bodily functions.

We are committed to offering a quality product. We do not believe in “consume and throw away”. That is why the Filters for their optical properties, complex and high sensitivity, are manufactured under standards that ensure that they meet the indications they have and that their components do not lose their properties over the years.

We no longer have customers, but many friends in various countries, maintain a good relationship with customers, and answer any questions also makes the difference.