Natural Treatment with Bioluminis.

It is a natural therapeutic system, based on biophoton therapy, aimed at health and beauty professionals.

The Bioluminis Filters are devices that combine the optical principles of the skin and the natural transmission of energy through photons to achieve, by means of bioresonance, the activation of the energy of the cells.

Their direct application on the skin allows the transfer of natural energy, which stimulates the cells by activating their self-regeneration mechanisms.

Benefits and main applications

Natural activator of cellular energy without: substances, electricity or magnetic energy.

The Bioluminis Filters are multifunctional, which gives them the ability to act in different treatments, both in health and aesthetics.

Balancing energy, relieving frequent pain, controlling anxiety, depression, stress, facilitating lymphatic drainage or activating circulatory processes, among other applications.

Applicable in facial and body treatments. Effective in facial wrinkles, flaccidity, dull skin, acne, stretch marks or inflammations.

Scientific basis of the Bioluminis method


The Bioluminis® biophotontherapy is oriented towards bioenergetic and aesthetic treatments, as well as the energy of the Chakras.

The Bioluminis® Filters provide a supply of energy which contributes to the self-recovery of balance when the cells and the organism are weakened.

Bioluminis Filters



Collection of professional use, wide possibilities in the totality of pathologies



For integral aesthetics, effective anti-ageing treatments that are easy to apply.



Range intended to balance the Chakras, 7 filters with a specific wavelength



For daily use, at home, at work or on a trip, they prevent, regulate and relieve everyday discomfort

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