Biophotontherapy Bioluminis

Decoding Bioreceptors with Bioluminis: Access to Evolving Energy

Nuestro cuerpo es una entidad dinámica de energía en constante evolución, conectada por una red compleja de nervios que abarca todo el organismo. En la Biofotonterapia Bioluminis, identificamos estructuras sensoriales en la piel conocidas como Bioreceptores, altamente sensibles a estímulos...

How is the pulse taken at Bioluminis?

The pulse measurement with the Bioluminis method is a prerequisite for the correct application of Bioluminis Med Filters by the specialist.

Technique or procedure

Traditional Chinese medicine has successfully used for thousands of years the "pulse reading", which detects changes in...

Aesthetic facial and body apparatology in beauty. Is it the best option?

The services offered in beauty salons vary according to equipment, staff training, location and reception capacity. They can offer simple treatments or more sophisticated treatments with high-tech equipment. The initial cost of these professional devices is quite high, they are...

Natural Technology at the service of the skin

Bioluminis has always used its devices to promote the youthful appearance of the face and body. Its application helps the activation of cellular energy, which also facilitates the assimilation of the active ingredients of beauty products

Internal and external factors affecting...

Biophotontherapy Bioluminis

Biophotontherapy Bioluminis

Healing through Natural Light.

Light is composed of photons, which are tiny particles of electromagnetic energy that come mainly from the sun and are vital for life. But photons also exist in our cells (biophotons).


Biophotons, the luminosity of living cells.

This is ultra-weak,...