Questions to Jacques Mula

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Questions to Jacques Mula

4 Advices that can contribute to the successful and easy application of Bioluminis®.

The following questions are frequently asked by Professor Mula

1. Why is it so difficult for me to diagnose through the R.E.C pulse?

JM: Taking a pulse can sometimes be a bit tricky, requiring practice and patience.

The most important thing is that when we take the pulse, the mind must be totally clear, without thinking about anything other than communicating with the patient, so that they can tell us the reasons for their problems.

This is not always easy, but with mental training it can be achieved.

2. What is the learning technique for taking the Pulse?

JM: To explain it simply. The pulse is located in the radial artery in the wrist, located with the thumb of the therapist’s left hand. When you feel it, remove your finger from the pulse and repeat the test several times until you have fine-tuned your sensitivity. It should be repeated with 5 to 10 people.

The main objective of taking the R.E.C Pulse is the diagnosis
and the correct application of the Bioluminis Filters in your bioreceptor.

3. Do the negative energies of the patient influence the therapist?

JM: Sometimes, and I know this from experience. If you are sensitive to electromagnetic fields, you may be able to pick up in your own body some physical sensations coming from a patient’s state of health. It is as if you suddenly perceive a slight or sharp pain in a part of your body in a precise or diffuse way.

Every organism vibrates and emits electromagnetic fields around it, these channels “transmit” selective information that can be “picked up” by very sensitive people. We can define this ability as that of a radio to pick up the signal of a radio station.

On the human side this sensitivity differs from person to person, not everyone has this particularity in a conscious way. These sensations disappear when one moves away from the patient.

4. If the therapist is sensitive, what preventive treatment can he/she apply for him/herself?

JM: For Therapists who use the Bioluminis® Filters and as a preventive measure, apply a Photoreactivation with the MED 1B Filter by adding two 400B on the kidneys and one 212B on the solar plexus. You can leave it on for 45 minutes during the night or during rest hours.

In addition, use the Tired Legs Filters and an NV2 for the solar plexus or on the Never (depending on where you feel the most discomfort) during your consultation.

Finally, I advise you to wash your hands before and after treatments and drink plenty of water.

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