Importance of lymphatic drainage in beauty treatments

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Importance of lymphatic drainage in beauty treatments


When the circulation of lymph is blocked, fluids, proteins, cells and toxins build up and cell function is significantly compromised. This can become the gateway to many physical pathologies and the acceleration of the aging process.

Nutritional deficiencies, inactivity, sedentariness, overweight or smoking, are some of the causes that increase the toxic load of this system. It is therefore very important to treat the lymphatic circulation in the majority of beauty specialities.


 The main purpose of the lymph is to clean the cells, blood, superficial and deep tissues. This process prevents toxic substances, excess liquids and fats from circulating in our body, and also promotes the immune system and therefore good health. Its action is carried out by means of a smooth passage through the whole body.

It is not advisable to apply intense and painful massages or aggressive treatments to unblock the lymphatic circulation as this increases the risk of accumulation of toxins and overloading of the nodes which can cause everything from major circulatory blockages to serious diseases in the Lymphatic System.


We can effectively and painlessly treat the Lymphatic System, with Cosm Filters.

The Bioluminis® Cosm Filters with thirty years of experience will help you in this challenge for a pleasant and lasting beauty by favouring the natural transit of the lymph with its own inertia through the energy fields which is the most successful option in lymphatic drainage. They benefit the whole body and therefore at a superficial or dermal level, which is the main action of the Cosm Filters. Their effect is seen from the first session, we will see a more luminous skin, attenuation of wrinkles and reduction of inflamed areas.

How do the Bioluminis Cosm filters work?

The filter transmits natural light energy, which activates the biological mechanism that sets the body’s purifying system in motion, encouraging the natural circulation of the lymph to eliminate toxins. The Cosm Filters are used for this purpose: 8B – 9B – 10B-11B – Multifunction.

How are they applied?

The beauty treatment diagrams in the “Atlas Cosm” describe the specific area of application of each filter on the bio-receptor (skin areas). The lymphatic drainage treatments can be applied to treat a specific area such as the face, stomach, legs or at body level.

Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage.

1. Reduces inflammation

2. Favours the body’s defences

3. Helps to reabsorb liquids

4. Promotes healing processes


All the treatments have a therapeutic and rejuvenating effect on the skin. Those described in the Atlas are recommended for skin with acne problems, fat, dullness, wrinkles, scars, also swollen legs, cellulite and in practically any beauty treatment; they are applied as a single treatment or as a complementary one.



The information provided here can in no way replace a professional care service.

The recommendations for use and treatment are intended for specialists. The use of this service is carried out under the exclusive responsibility of the users.

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