Natural Technology at the service of the skin

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Natural Technology at the service of the skin

Bioluminis has always used its devices to promote the youthful appearance of the face and body. Its application helps the activation of cellular energy, which also facilitates the assimilation of the active ingredients of beauty products

Internal and external factors affecting the skin.

Our skin begins to age much earlier than we usually think. From the age of 20 to 25, it retains very little moisture and the cells renew themselves more and more slowly. The skin’s ability to regenerate continuously decreases, it becomes fragile and has little elasticity.

Apart from the natural factors of ageing due to the passage of time, our skin can also be damaged by unfavourable conditions such as smoking, alcohol consumption, poor diet, stress, lack of sleep, etc.

The climate is an external factor that in many cases contributes to a greater extent to skin damage. Low temperatures in winter or high temperatures in summer accelerate ageing, as they dry and dehydrate our skin. It is therefore very important to take care of it on a daily basis due to the drastic changes we undergo on a daily basis.

Natural Skin Treatment.

Natural cosmetics

Natural cosmetics offer numerous methods to protect and rejuvenate the skin. It is understood that natural products must contain 90% or more of natural compounds of vegetable or mineral origin, and must be free of harmful substances.

However, in their most “natural” state, most organic ingredients cannot penetrate through the skin to produce optimal results. For this purpose, there are various systems developed by cosmetic technology, such as encapsulation, active ingredient release, etc.

Bioluminis can be used as a stand-alone therapy or in combination with a beauty treatment to prepare the skin for better absorption of cosmetic products, as it enhances the effect of the active ingredients of creams, oils, serums, or lotions.

How can Bioluminis be combined with natural cosmetic products?


Phase I: Preparing the skin

In every beauty treatment there is a first phase where the skin is cleansed and toned.

The biophotontherapy proposal is to first apply the Bioluminis according to the objective of the treatment: wrinkles, acne, dehydration, etc. After 30-40 minutes remove the MED or COSM collection devices and start with the cosmetic products.

Phase II: Boosting the results

After the application of products and massage techniques, use the Bioluminis 3B, 5B, 6B or 7B to gently glide over the face, neck or treated areas.

Phase III: Home Maintenance

At the end of these treatments, the professional will recommend a Bioluminis Filter from the Confort collection to maintain the results achieved in the salon at home.

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