Balancing the Chakras, physically and emotionally

Western science recognised some years ago that many ailments come from an emotional disorder first and then manifest in physical illness. In all organic functions there is bio-electrical activity that drives the muscles such as the heart, or maintains the activity of the brain, this energy has been measured with equipment by scientists who have confirmed that: “All living beings are energy fields manifested through a physical form”.

Eastern medicine has known this all along and tells us about the vital energy or life force that flows through the Nadi which in turn flows into our material body.

The energies that develop in the Chakras are very powerful and influence the vital balance for the well being of mind and body but when they are out of balance they trigger negative emotional and physical states that can lead to illness, if not treated in time.

Bases of the system Bioluminis Energy Filters

The basis of the principle of operation of the “Bioluminis Energy Filters” is that they act by adsorbing and transmitting the natural energy to balance each of the Chakras.

A Chakra can be in lack or excess energy, so it must be treated with the energy source that adjusts to the imbalance. The Bioluminis Energy Filters transmit a subtle and specific wavelength, an essential aspect that connects with the Chakra to boost its energy but at the same time can appease in opposition to another Chakra.

For example, if Chakra 1 is lacking the color red will be its energy source but if it is in excess should not use red.

Bioluminis System in the balance of the Chakras

To approach the dynamics of the balance of the 7 main Chakras with a simple, logical and very effective method, within reach of the professional who knows the theoretical bases of the Chakras or who is a specialist in bioenergetic treatments. Bioluminis does not intend to bring new theories to those already known its main objective is to give an approach of how to rebalance the energetic dynamism with 7 devices of very special characteristics.

The Energy Collection is made up of 7 Filters and is indicated to harmonize the energetic plexuses or Chakras. Its application follows some particular guidelines: One Filter or another will be used according to the principle of “lack or excess” and the philosophy of the Chakras.


The optical transmission characteristics and the specificity of the Bioluminis Energy Filters give them a fast and very positive result.


Their total innocuousness, do not cause discomfort and there are no contraindications to their application.


With this collection of 7 Bioluminis Energy Filters, you can balance the 7 Chakras.


These small devices have a high degree of durability and their internal components do not lose their properties over time.


Handling and technical learning.

All the particularities of application of this collection are described in the training course, to address the Chakras through the Bioluminis Method.

BIOLUMINIS INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION S.L. guarantees the innocuousness of the Bioluminis Filters, but is not responsible for the applications, because the conditions of use are beyond its control, in turn we do not recommend the suspension or replacement of any medical treatment.