The Bioluminis method is a non-invasive and painless technique in which Bioluminis filters (natural light receivers and selected electromagnetic wave transmitters) are inserted into the bioreceptors of this energy at the body level, stimulating the natural process of cell self-recovery.

The changes in the pulse when a filter approaches the surface of the skin are the most important evidence of the electromagnetic exchange between the organism and the filters.

Relax and regulate stress regardless of the treatment. This immediate effect makes it possible to trigger a physiological reaction that provides a therapeutic result from the first session.

“Each cell emits 100,000 photons (light) per second. These biophotons are information packages that control and monitor thousands of biochemical processes in the cell system. This happens every second and in every cell throughout our lives. DNA is the largest source of biophotons.”

This theory was confirmed during years of studies by Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp, a German researcher in biophysics, especially in the investigation of biophotons. It is known that healthy cells emit coherent light and diseased cells emit incoherent and chaotic light. Consistent light can transport large information packets, which incoherent light cannot. Incorrect information leads to disturbed cell activity, which in turn causes disease.

The natural light around us moves in coherent particles (IR-UV), which are directly captured by the organism, and in incoherent particles, which are not absorbed by the organism, but these particles, which are selected by the Bioluminis filters and arranged in coherent chains, have a large favourable energetic potential in cell metabolism.

Application method

Bioluminis filters are used in a very simple and intuitive way. They are placed on the skin in different areas (bioreceptors) where the energy flow is greater, the specified filter is placed and then fixed to the skin with a double-sided adhesive.

For the correct application of the Bioluminis method for Medical Cosmos and Energy, it is necessary to have a brief learning in order to achieve the best results.

For the effective use of MED and COSM filters it is necessary to take into account the duality of the body, both in humans and veterinarians; if a filter is used in the right part of the body, it needs the corresponding one in the left part.

The Bioluminis method is based on photoreactivation or polarization, which reaches a state of equilibrium and is the first step performed in all indications regardless of the main treatment to be applied.

Atlas or manual of treatments

For the collection series MED, COSM, ENERGY. We rely on the atlas of treatments, with protocols indicating the zones in which the filters are to be placed and the number of filters to be used, as well as the application times and frequency.

All these treatment protocols are the result of years of work and experience and the collaboration of doctors, therapists and beauticians.

Application methodology: how are bioluminis filters applied?

Clinic Studies Bioluminis


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