Discover the exclusive Method of application of the Bioluminis Filters in the professional collections range MED, COSM, ENERGY, each one has its particular methodology, in our courses you will know all the particularities of this therapeutic system, with practices and demonstrations.

ON-SITE Training

Provided by qualified technicians and Bioluminis graduates. Theoretical and Practical, we will see first-hand how the Bioluminis Filters work.

First level intensive course sufficient to apply the method in consultation.


    ONLINE Training

    We are developing all the content of the courses so that they will be online soon.

    It is a 100% online course with immediate access that you can do at your own pace. We teach you the basics, the method and the step by step application of Bioluminis Filters.

    Theoretical and Visual

    Through the theoretical content we will deepen in the aspects of the bases of specific method for each professional collection, the characteristics of Filters, the method of application etc.

    We will do it through several videos, with practical explanations and visual examples, with which you will learn easily. You will be able to contact us to clarify any doubt

      Our courses


      Bioluminis Filter MED

      Bases of the method and how to apply them.

      Atlas Bioluminis Cosm. Tratamientos de Belleza


      Bioluminis Filter COSM

      Bases of the method and how to apply them.


      Bioluminis Filter ENERGY

      Bases of the method and how to apply them.

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