Decoding Bioreceptors with Bioluminis: Access to Evolving Energy

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Decoding Bioreceptors with Bioluminis: Access to Evolving Energy

Our body is a dynamic entity of constantly evolving energy, connected by a complex network of nerves that spans the entire organism. In Bioluminis Biofotonterapia, we identify sensory structures in the skin known as Bioreceptors, highly sensitive to external stimuli such as light and other forms of electromagnetic energy.

Application of Bioluminis Filters on Bioreceptors

Bioreceptors play a crucial role in self-regulation against radiation, activating a sophisticated and natural system that opens and closes these receptors according to the body’s needs. This selective system monitors and allows only essential radiations for the body. However, radiations emitted by electrical devices, electronics, powerful magnets, and some radioactive minerals can disrupt this natural function.

Functioning of Bioreceptors

Personalized Treatments Bioluminis filters, the result of years of research, are precisely applied to bioreceptors to optimize treatment. Each therapeutic protocol is tailored to individual organic systems, enabling a personalized response to imbalances. We recognize the uniqueness of each person, understanding that responses to organic imbalances vary. Detecting individual needs through bioreceptors is essential when applying the appropriate Bioluminis filter. Our extensive collection allows for selecting the wavelength that will transmit the necessary energy potential for each specific case.

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