All living organisms, including cells, emit an ultra weak light (photons) and thanks to these emissions they communicate with each other.

Bioluminis Filters are a receiver and catalyst of a source of energy from natural light, both day and night.

The Filter transmits it with the simple contact with the skin in different points of our body, which are able to connect with the energy source (Filter).

The filters are placed on the skin at certain points of the body that we call bioreceptors and are left in place for a certain period of time.

The basis of the treatment consists in balancing the harmony of the energy fields of our body and stimulating the process of natural self-healing.

Filters do not have negative side effects, we advise you to consult a Bioluminis specialist in case of any doubt.

In no case there is pain or unpleasant effect. In all treatments you will experience general relaxation. Some people in unbalanced states may feel tingling or other diverse sensations, although never unpleasant. This is just a reflection that your body is trying to return to normal.

Bioluminis has 25 years of experience in the work and with the collaboration of specialists who daily use the Filters. The results can be classified between positive and even surprising.

The Ministry of Public Health of Cuba in its department of Natural and Traditional Medicine, as well as doctors of different specialties, conducted numerous clinical studies during four years using the Biolumi-nis Filters in more than a thousand people. 100% of the results were positive.

Yes, some of our therapists combine the Filters with other Therapies, and the result is that they complement each other in a positive way.

Following the manufacturer’s instructions, their useful life will be extended by many years. As preventive maintenance, it is advisable to send them to the technical service for revision and maintenance.

It has a 2-year warranty and after-sales service.

All the collections have the necessary instructions. The Med, Cosm and Energy collections have their own treatment Atlas.

The Bioluminis Med Filters can be applied for treatments of Clinical Aesthetics and are present in several centers of beauty that work it from the interior deepening beyond the epidermis. For this type of treatment we have a collection of special filters called Bioluminis Cosm Filters.