Bioluminis COSM Filters

Professional range of aesthetic care for in-depth beauty treatments.

Cosm Filters are applied in all facets of aesthetic care, acting on cells and their regeneration offers benefits in both facial and body treatments with an obvious concept of treating from the inside, stimulating circulation, lymphatic drainage, collagen renewal and elastin synthesis which translates into a smooth and radiant skin.

How do Bioluminis COSM filters work?

Between the filter and the skin bioreceptors there is a bioresonance effect, the filter transmits natural light which is an electromagnetic wave, this is captured by the bioreceptors (specific areas of the skin) which in turn will transmit it to the cellular energy field, which is activated to recover energy. This process develops quickly and naturally, which means that the effects can be seen from the first session.

What is the difference between the application of Bioluminis COSM filters and other treatments?

The Bioluminis Cosm Filters are an intelligent answer in the practice of aesthetic care, they are not considered as one more product, but rather as a high-end tool, which act on the dynamism of cellular properties providing the energy necessary to assimilate the internal and external nutritional exchanges, through a natural connection of the body with the energy provided by the Filters.

The main action of the Filters lies in their revitalizing action on the cells, without the intervention of substances, electrical or magnetic sources. As well as the capacity of response of the skin to cosmetic products since it boosts the action of the active principles of creams, oils and lotions, after the application of Bioluminis therapy.

This result is confirmed by the approval of beauticians and their customers who have been satisfied with this particular way of aesthetic care over the years.

What are its main advantages?


Visible results from the first session, effects that last over time, applicable every day if necessary.


Its total innocuousness in addition to being very pleasant treatments, perceptible and lasting results from the first session.


With a small collection of Bioluminis Cosm Filters, countless applications can be made both on the face and the body.


These small devices have a high degree of durability and their internal components do not lose their properties over time.


Easy to use for the beautician and technical learning and very pleasant effects for your client in the background as relaxation and anti-stress effect.


Applicable in all the beauty procedures that can be presented. They prepare the skin to assimilate much better oils and creams, therefore they are characterized for being a very profitable ally in the effectiveness of the products applied in facial or corporal aesthetic treatments.

What is the protocol to follow in the treatments?


Cellular Regeneration

To dynamize in the organism the functions that feed, hydrate and clean the superficial tissues.


Specific Treatment

Apply the corresponding Filters according to the body area to be treated. For this purpose, we will use the Atlas or treatment manual.


Final Reaffirmation

This step is carried out with the Filter selected according to your indications and proceeds with gentle glides over the treated area, this favours and reaffirms the final result.

Aware that the beauty of the skin and the aesthetics that everyone desires also depend on internal biological factors, it is always useful to promote the organism’s ability to balance its energy in order to look more beautiful and healthier.