Warranty period

Bioluminis® Filters have a 2-year warranty from the date of purchase. You can check our general conditions of sale  here. point 9.1

To register the guarantee of your Bioluminis® Filters, please contact us at and send your contact details adding the reference numbers of your Filters and the date of purchase.

* Where to find the reference number?

After-sale technical service

The technical service undertakes to replace or repair any Bioluminis Filter with manufacturing defects free of charge, during the warranty period of 2 years, as well as external wear that may occur. Provided that the use has been adequate.

Post warranty period

At the end of the 2-year warranty, the technical service will facilitate the revision and replacement of damaged parts of the Filters due to wear or deterioration, following the general conditions of sale.

How does this service work?

1.Contact us or your seller in advance.

2.Submit your Filters for technical review.

3. We make an evaluation of the damage and the cost of repair, the budget will be sent to you through your contact channel.

4. Accepted the budget and made the payment. We proceed to the replacement of damaged elements and general maintenance.

5 . A 6-month warranty period will apply, during which the After-Sales Service will respond for the damage that led to the repair.

6 . In case of not accepting the budget, you will have to pay the cost of revision and shipping costs for the return of your Filters.


Bioluminis technical service reserves the right *not to repair* Filters with the following characteristics.

* Discontinued (not manufactured)

* Filters over 15 years old, without previous maintenance.

* Cracked filters with all internal components damaged.

* Filters with all their internal components damaged, due to being in contact with liquids or other elements.

* Each Bioluminis® Filter is identified with a reference number, for the subsequent monitoring of its warranty.

* Always send your Filters to repair together with the reference card that is delivered together with your corresponding Bioluminis Filter.

General recommendations for the use and care of filters

For the fixed application of the Filter, we recommend using special double- sided adhesives for optimal and hygienic adherence to the area to be treated, avoiding any other adhesive that may deteriorate the surface of the Filter.

1. Apply the dark part of the Filter directly to the skin.

2. After each use, clean the Filter with a soft cloth to remove any adhesive residue or makeup dust.

3 .Keep filter away any liquid.

4. The filters Bioluminis® not need recharging of any kind.

5. Associated therapies that need the application of products on the skin, such as: Phytotherapy, oil massages, surgery, or in case of hyperhidrosis (excessive perspiration) etc. It is essential to protect the Filter with a soft transparent material.

6. The Filters can be covered with clothing or blankets, that does not prevent their proper functioning.

The components of Bioluminis Filters do not lose their effectiveness or operation, taking care of them according to these conditions and tips will extend their useful life.