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Bioluminis Filter CONFORT

In many occasions we look for solutions that do not harm us with negative side effects, to take care of our body, for example, when we are sitting for many hours or standing and we feel a great discomfort in our legs; or our back hurts because of bad postures; when we travel to distant countries and we suffer the effects of jet lag, when there is anxiety, nervousness, lack of concentration due to life situations, etc.

We also look for beauty solutions without surgery without artificial substances to take care of the face skin every day, reaffirming it and minimizing wrinkles.

For this purpose Bioluminis developed Comfort Filters, indicated for all people seeking natural care. It is a collection destined to multiple applications with a variety of Filters that contribute in a very special way to favor the processes of natural recovery of our body. Their technology allows them to be used every day without contraindications.

The Comfort range has so far 17 Filters, with indications for the Circulatory, Nervous, Muscular and Dermal Systems. In addition to 2 filters with special characteristics one for water and one for wine.

The action of the Comfort Filters, following the same basic concept of all the Bioluminis collections, are devices that combine the optical propertie.

Treatment example

Flash filter, anti-wrinkle treatment

What are its main advantages?


Results that last over time, applicable every day if necessary.


Harmless and without contraindications.


Filters have a high degree of durability and their internal components do not lose their properties over time.


Aplication and handling

Shared Use

Shared Use

Application mode

hey are applied following the instructions detailed in the leaflet that accompanies each Filter.

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BIOLUMINIS INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION S.L .Guarantees the complete innocuousness of the Bioluminis Filters, but is not responsible for the applications, because the conditions of use are beyond its control, in turn we do not recommend the suspension or substitution of any medical treatment to the application of the Bioluminis Filters.