Bioluminis Filter CONFORT

The Bioluminis Comfort Filter Collection contains 17 devices intended for private use for different body cares in your daily life. A natural solution without negative side effects.
The action of the Comfort Filters follows the same basic concept of all Bioluminis collections, they are devices that combine the optical properties of the skin to capture the energy of natural light and activate cell recovery mechanisms.

Each Filter has a specific application, to relieve pain, stress, fatigue, among other applications.
Their application is simple, they are placed on the skin, on sensitive points following the instructions of your therapist.

They are also used in beauty care for facial skin, firming and minimising wrinkles.

What are its main advantages?


Results that last over time, applicable every day if necessary.


Harmless and without contraindications.


Filters have a high degree of durability and their internal components do not lose their properties over time.


Aplication and handling

Shared Use

Comfort Filters can be shared by the whole family.

Lange Lebensdauer

Die Filter haben ein hohes Maß an Haltbarkeit und ihre internen Komponenten verlieren ihre Eigenschaften im Laufe der Zeit nicht.

Treatment example

Flash filter, anti-wrinkle treatment

Application mode Bioluminis

hey are applied following the instructions detailed in the leaflet that accompanies each Filter.

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BIOLUMINIS INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION S.L .Guarantees the complete innocuousness of the Bioluminis Filters, but is not responsible for the applications, because the conditions of use are beyond its control, in turn we do not recommend the suspension or substitution of any medical treatment to the application of the Bioluminis Filters.