Specific Characteristics

The Bioluminis Filters, consist of an optical device whose diameter does not exceed 4cm and 5mm thick, is protected externally by a polycarbonate package and inside are perfectly arranged a group of optical films Y% absorption between 400 to 800 nm high definition. Intended for direct application on the skin in total safety due to the quality of the components and with unlimited use of time.

How do BIOLUMINIS filters work?

The filter transmits energy from natural light, which is captured by the body

Natural light moves in incoherent particles around us, but only coherent light can be captured by cells through specific points on the skin. The Bioluminis Filters as its name indicates Filters this light and transmits a fine band of specific and coherent light. Each Filter captures and transmits a certain wavelength of the solar spectrum due to its optical composition and the dynamic structure of the Filter. In this way they maximize the potential of the biophotons (transmitters of cellular information) their only means of action is natural light since they have the capacity to adsorb and transmit energy from the natural electromagnetic waves and to connect it with the cellular energy channels.

What benefits do they bring us?


Safety of non-invasive treatments in all cases, as they act naturally.


Comfortable handling as a professional treatment team, easy to transport and maintain.


Applicable as a single therapy or associated with any other.


The Bioluminis Filters are applied to any age, sex and state of health, because it is the own organism that connects or disconnects with the energy that receives of the Filter for what does not exist any risk of mistake and/or overdose, as it would be the case of a laser.


They do not need an electric or magnetic charge, so there are no additional costs.


Its components do not expire with time.

Collections of BIOLUMINIS filters:

So far Bioluminis has 4 collections of filters each oriented to different treatment possibilities.

The Filters of the MED Range. They are aimed at all those who have a professional training in the field of both conventional and natural health or who are in the process of training. Contact us if you are interested in our training workshops.

1. Bioluminis MED Filters: Professional Use-Prevention-Health.

It has 33 different filters, oriented to the treatment of the majority of current pathologies. They can be applied as direct therapy and also as a complement to other natural or conventional therapy. The denomination of each one is numerical to simplify its handling. The fundamental principle of application is the polarization or energetic corporal balance placing a total of 4 Filters of the same numeration distributed in the bioreceptor of wrists and ankles.

2. Filters Bioluminis COSM:

11 Filters has this collection to which you can add the Multifunction and is specific for integral beauty treatments working in depth the activation of the mechanisms of recovery of the skin by its revitalizing action on cells, without the involvement of chemical or biological elements, increases the capacity of response to cosmetic products as it increases cell activity stimulated by the Filters and enhances the action of the active principles of creams and lotions.

3. ENERGY Bioluminis Filters

Professional use. They are applied according to the response of the REC pulse on the Chakra being analysed. The objective is to stimulate the Chakra that is lacking energy or reduce the energy of the very excited Chakra. For this we will always apply the corresponding filter in opposition. You can also combine these treatments with the Med Filters only performing the first step and then apply the corresponding Energy Filter.

4. Bioluminis CONFORT Filters:

18 Filters for private use. Collection with different orientations. Indicated for the tiredness in the legs, the daily stress, muscular pains, scars, the lack of concentration, for the maintenance of a firm and beautiful skin, the Jet Lag among other indications, as well as the Filters to dynamize the water and another one to smooth the acidity of the Wine.