Biophotontherapy Bioluminis

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Biophotontherapy Bioluminis

Biophotontherapy Bioluminis

Healing through Natural Light.

Light is composed of photons, which are tiny particles of electromagnetic energy that come mainly from the sun and are vital for life.

But photons also exist in our cells (biophotons).


Biophotons, the luminosity of living cells.

This is ultra-weak, coherent light of low intensity, called biophotons. The emission of biophotons shows a connection between the vitality and well-being of an organism. Weakened or diseased cells emit a weak and mostly chaotic light, while healthy cells have a strong and clearly structured light emission, they are able to activate and accelerate the powers of self-healing and regulation of our energy balance so that the body can heal itself in a short time.

The forerunner of biophoton research for almost four decades was the German physicist Prof. Dr. Fritz Albert Popp, who measured the light emitted by living cells. The results of his studies showed that with the help of biophotons, the cells of an organism control their metabolic processes and communicate with each other, thus creating a coherent field of order in which every cell is connected to every other cell and knows what it has to do.

Bioluminis Filters

Natural system

Bioluminis Filters use optical technology, which allows photon energy to be transmitted through specific areas of the skin.

The energy they transmit is very low frequency. This highly efficient method provides the body with a way of activating the biophotons, solely through natural light, captured by the Filter and adsorbed by Bioreceptors in the skin. This unique mechanism achieves the activation of the biophoton system.

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