Biophoton energy in food

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Biophoton energy in food

Biophoton Energy in Food.

Maintaining good food health does not depend exclusively on the exact calorie content of food, but on its naturalness and energetic, or biophotonic, value.

Fritz-Albert Popp, a pioneer of quantum biophysics, was able to impressively demonstrate that organically produced food has a much higher biophoton radiation than food produced in greenhouses. As is well known, those who eat organically or ecologically grown fruit and vegetables know that these foods generally not only taste better, but also have more vitality than those traditionally grown on large-scale farms. In an interview he commented: “The healthiest diet and the best food seems to be based not on quantity, but on the light-storing capacity of the food”.

Professor Popp headed the research institute at the Technology Centre of the University of Kaiserslautern in Germany, where he conducted several experiments measuring the biophoton energy of chicken eggs, which showed that eggs from free-range hens had a much higher biophoton radiation compared to eggs in incubators.

Biophotons and Metabolism.

People who are exposed to more sunlight show more enthusiasm and joy for life. So the sun, and thus photon radiation, has an enormous effect on all life processes in the form of energy.

The interaction between light radiation and the light emitted by our cells (biophotons) is permanent and activates the energetic and metabolic components.

When for some reason we become ill, there is a decrease in this interaction. As Professor Popp said, we are not primarily carnivores, vegetarians or calorie-dependent predators, but “light mammals”.

The results of other scientific studies have shown that the length of daylight has a positive influence on mood.

Increased energy intake.

The best food products, dietary supplements, nutritional supplements or natural cosmetic treatments are those whose main components are obtained naturally. They provide us with more energy.

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