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Anxiety is a normal and often necessary emotion for survival. However, when a person regularly feels disproportionate levels of anxiety causing distress, fear, apprehension, nervousness, excessive worry and a range of adverse symptoms, then anxiety can become a medical disorder.

The exaggerated psychosomatic mechanism of anxiety triggers physicochemical reactions of self-protection against an eminent real or imaginary danger. The organism releases several alarms through the nervous system that act on the organs and muscle functions, the medical literature describes several symptoms that are presented in a general way such as
– Fear and restlessness that can lead to panic.
– Tense muscles
– Dry Mouth
– Nausea
– Dizziness
– Sleep problems
– Difficulty keeping calm

All of these symptoms can disappear and return to a balanced state when the anxiety has passed or been controlled.
With Bioluminis Biophoton Therapy we can tackle anxiety, in a simple way and without contraindications.

How to deal with anxiety with Bioluminis Filters.

Previously several criteria have to be evaluated, which we will not deepen in this Post but that in a general way identifies the type of anxiety, such as: the time you have been suffering, family environment, willingness to improve, among others.
In all cases, as manifested through the nervous system that in turn spreads this “incoherent information” to the whole body, the appropriate thing to do is to act first on this system:

Applying the classic scheme of Photoreactivation or polarization with o x 4 Units Filters Med 1+/- ; or 4 Units Filters 1B med and 1 x 212B med in the solar plexus.


Apply x 4 pcs. 212B med filters, in this case applying it in the 4 bioreceptors of the polarization or photoreactivation and complementing it with 10B med filters in the sole of the feet in the bioreceptor of the lymphatic drainage.

Filter 212B is especially indicated to treat emotional states and is applied: on the solar plexus; palms of the hands; 4 cm on the navel; between the eyebrows etc. Many specialists of the Bioluminis method began to apply it in cases where the nervous system was highly compromised, indicative of an exacerbated Anxiety and the results were so positive that during these years they are already part of any Bioluminis Biophoton therapy treatment of anxiety, stress, insomnia, etc


The duration of this treatment can be from 1 to 2 sessions per week during one month, but it will always depend on each case and the appreciation of the therapist.

Comfort Anti-Stress Filter


The Comfort Anti Stress Filter, oriented for stress is an option if we have a slight anxiety that can be temporary or recurrent.

Bioluminis Comfort Anti Stress Filter, application area.

Use the AntiStress Filter and place it in the centre of the chest (image), to relieve the symptoms of anxiety every day, as well as to reinforce the action of a therapeutic treatment at home. Comfort filters.


Always respect the medical recommendations and treatments and apply the Bioluminis® Filters as a complement.


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