The investigations of medicine bioenergetics

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The investigations of medicine bioenergetics

Light, Life and cellular communication through Biophotons..

The bioenergy medicine research of the last four decades and the scientific publications of Prof. Frizz Albert Popp, Dr. med. Fritjof Capra and Prof. Dénis Dutheil, in the fields of photons, biophotons and vibrations, showed that the biological mechanism of all living beings, plants, animals and trace elements cannot exist without the support of electromagnetic signals. 

For us humans, these signals have the following characteristics:

  1. Stimulate the movement of electrons in atoms.
  2. Encourage the transmission of information in DNA.
  3. Trigger the biochemical reaction in the cells.
  4. The transport of neuronal information in the brain


This electromagnetic signal corresponds to a beam of light that is 10-14 times weaker than natural light and is responsible for the functioning of the cell, as well as the function of all organs and the maintenance of mental balance. . 

Professor Fritz Albert Popp, a German physicist of world reputation, detected in his experiments in the 1970s that all living organisms including cells emit ultra-weak light (photons) and thanks to these emissions communicate with each other. This light from the cells was coined by Popp with the name Biophotons (word that comes from the words bio – which means life and photon that means light). According to his own words in an interview to the question of what was the function of biophotons in cellular communication answered:

 “… many times it is forgotten that there have to be about 1000 chemical reactions / sec in each cell, and even information about where and when exactly this reaction has to occur, and are carried out with a few photons that are coherent and as they are coherent they can cause better interferences to be able to produce a better transmission of the information… recent studies indicate that all the organisms from the smallest and simplest to the most complex are capable of generating another type of wave, are the biophotons electromagnetic waves that are in the spectrum of the light but that cannot be captured by the pigments. It seems that this light is stored by the DNA molecules of the nucleus of the cells, the DNA emits and absorbs this light constantly so that the cellular organelles, cells, tissues and the very organs within a living being could be connected”.


The discovery of biophotons has been the basis for understanding some healing methods based on the self-regulation of living organisms in Alternative Therapies that expose the body to waves of electromagnetic frequencies and achieve improvements thanks to a favorable resonance.

The Bioluminis Method is based on these discoveries as well as on the optical properties of the skin. The skin is an organ that naturally captures electromagnetic waves through groups of specialized cells that absorb and transmit to the biological environment an energetic potential favorable to cell development.

When applying the Bioluminis Filters we capture through the patient’s pulse, the cardiac electromagnetic reflex (R.E.C.), which is the response to the frequency transmitted by the Filter, the pulse responds in seconds and this shows how to establish a favorable resonance that is accepted by the body to start the intercellular energy connections.

The Filter is an emitting device, it acts as an antenna that picks up the signal and the organism is the receiver of this signal.

The Bioluminis Filters are clearly definable in their purely physical effect and then naturally activate the mechanisms of action in the bioenergetic processes through the biophotons.

The Bioluminis System is the result of those investigations that showed that light waves at the cellular level fulfill a determining action in all the processes of life. Stimulating these processes through natural mechanisms is the fundamental principle of action of the Bioluminis Filters.


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